Aloe marlothii – Mountain aloe – Bergaalwyn

Good day,  one of the most iconic South African aloes, the Aloe marlothii, is poised to start blooming any day now. The Mountain Aloe is a single-stemmed, upright aloe with a height of 2 – 3m and a single wide and imposing rosette.  The leaves are grey green in colour with reddish brown spines along the [...]

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Canthium inerme – Turkey-berry– Gewone bokdrol

The evergreen Turkey berry exhibits much variability in terms of growth form and size.  It adapts to the environment and can grow up to 14m in height in a forest setting.  In a more exposed scenario, the tree will generally grow to a height of 3 – 7m with a more spreading habit and rounded [...]

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Rhus tomentosa

Today we are looking at the Rhus tomentosa. The Wild Currant is a small shade tree that is ideal for use in small gardens. This deciduous tree attains a height of 3 – 4m and has a non invasive rooting habit. The fresh green foliage has a pleasing leaf arrangement and there is a [...]

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