Breonadia salicina – Matumi – Mingerhout

The majestic Matumi  medium to large evergreen tree that can grow up to 30 m naturally found in riverine forests and along the banks of permanent rivers and streams single-trunked with a moderate density and an irregular, narrow canopy of shiny green leaves the leathery leaves are thin with a smooth margin and tend to [...]

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Buxus macowanii – Cape Box – Kaapse bukshout (Buig-my-nie)

The Cape Box is a wonderful specimen that thrives as a topiary or hedging tree, in our South African gardens. small, slow-growing, evergreen tree that can attain a height of up to 9 m compact shape with small, shiny, leathery leaves stem is straight and slender with grooved greenish-brown bark small, green flowers that appear [...]

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Platanus acerifolia – London Plane

The London Plane is a much loved exotic tree that provides beauty on our streets and in our parks.  This large deciduous tree generally grows to a height of 15 m with a crown spread of up to 10 m.  However, specimens have been measured at 40 m in height with a trunk circumference of [...]

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Grewia lasiocarpa – Forest Raisin – Bosrosyntjie

The lesser known Grewia lasiocarpa is close family to the Grewia occidentalis (Crossberry) and is similar with regards to flowers, growth form and size. Main differences: Grewia lasiocarpa Grewia occidentalis Flowers from January to March Flowers from October to January Leaves almost circular and hairy Leaves slightly rounded, hairless Fruit reddish and furry Fruit smooth [...]

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Acacia mellifera – Black thorn – Hakiesdoring

You either love the Black thorn for its delicate flowers and intoxicating scent, or hate it for the numerous thorns and invasive nature. Very thorny, indigenous small shrub or tree Rounded or spreading flat crown and can reach a height of 7 - 9 m Sweet smelling, creamy white flowers in spring, before the tree [...]

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Combretum bracteosum – Hiccup-nut – Hikklimop

The Hiccup-nut provides glorious colour to your garden in late spring. Fast growing, evergreen tree or climber Height of between 2 - 4 m and spread of 4 - 5 m Flowers bright orange red clustered into inflorescences Attracts birds and host to Striped Policeman butterfly Thrives in subtropical, coastal environment but has adapted well [...]

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