Ficus abutilifolia – Large leaved rock fig – Grootblaarrotsvy

The showy ‘Klipvy’ is a small to medium-size, deciduous to semi-deciduous tree that can grow up to a height of 15m, but seldom exceeds 5m.  Widespread in the Lowveld, the tree grows easily on rocky outcrops and hillsides where there is good drainage.  The most striking feature of the Rock fig is the conspicuous white [...]

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Portulacaria afra – Porkbush – Spekboom

Our thoughts are turning to spring and today we have an example of a plant that would thrive near your pool. The porkbush is an attractive succulent plant which is densely branched and leaved.  It has a compact conformation and the leaves are waxy and a bright tender green.  The small egg shaped leaves sit [...]

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Platanus acerfolia

The London plane is a much loved exotic tree that provides beauty on our streets and in our parks.  It is especially effective in a large garden setting where its presence and majesty can be appreciated.  Growing up to 15m with a crown spread of up to 10m, the tree has a pyramidal shape and [...]

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Sophora japonica – Japanese Pagoda Tree

The Japanese Pagoda Tree is very well suited to South Africa as a late flowering, ornamental tree that adapts well to an urban environment. Native to Eastern Asia (in particularly China, despite the name), this showy tree is deciduous and can grow to a height of 10 – 15 m.  The tree has a rounded [...]

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Citrus limon ‘Eureka’ – Suurlemoenboom

Brighten up your winter garden by planting a lemon tree! In many parts of South Africa, lemon trees bear fruit year round.  One of the most popular and well known varieties is the ‘Eureka’ lemon tree.  These evergreen trees have lush green foliage and sweet scented blossoms.  The fruit is smooth skinned and rich in [...]

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