Rapanea melanophloeos – Cape Beech – Kaapse Boekenhout

Rapanea melanophloeos is a large, handsome evergreen with a dense, spreading crown.   The bark is smooth and grey white, becoming darker and more fissured with age. The tree is frost hardy with low watering needs and can grow to a height of 6 – 18 m with a spread of 3 – 6 m. The [...]

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Cupressus sempervirens ‘Stricta’ – Italian Pine – Pencil Pine

The Pencil Pine is an evergreen, coniferous tree with a dense, thin pencil-like habit, sometimes becoming broader with age.  It is highly valued for the ascending, spire-like effect it can bring into a restricted space, or a space where shade is not desired.  The shape is reminiscent of an exclamation mark and is eye catching [...]

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Calodendrum capense – Cape Chestnut – Wildekastaiing

This underrated tree is cultivated widely for its prolific flower display during late spring to summer.   Originally, the Cape Chestnut was studied in the Cape, and came by its name because explorer William Burchell saw a resemblance to the Horse Chestnut in terms of flowers and fruit; however it is not closely related. This tree [...]

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Punica granatum – Pomegranate tree – Granaatboom

Do you remember opening a pomegranate and finding the beautiful, reddish seeds glistening in the sun?  Pomegranate trees are thought to have originated from between the Himalayas and Egypt and are mentioned frequently in ancient texts as a sign of fruitfulness. This attractive shrub or small tree can grow to a height of 5 – [...]

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