Acokanthera oppositifolia – Bushman’s Poison – Boesmansgif

WARNING POISONOUS PLANT! Native to Africa, this medium to large (2 – 5 m) in height, evergreen to semi-deciduous shrub has the dubious honour of being one of the most poisonous trees to be found.  Known as the Bushman’s poison, the plant produces white latex which was used by the Bushmen as arrow head poison. [...]

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Sclerocarya birrea – Marula tree

The Marula tree is probably one of the most famous trees in Africa. Widespread, the tree can be found from Ethiopia to Kwazulu Natal as they grow in various types of woodlands with sandy, loamy soils. The singled stem tree with a wide spreading crown can grow to a height of 18 m and is [...]

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Prunus armenicana ‘Babeco’ – Apricot tree – Appelkoosboom

The deciduous apricot tree originated from the north east of China and was imported to South Africa during the 1700’s. Apricots were first planted in the Western Cape with its winter rainfall climate, but have subsequently spread to the rest of the country. Apricot trees tend to prefer cooler climates, but will survive in subtropical [...]

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Trachycarpus fortunei – Chinese Windmill Palm – Houtpalm

The Chinese Windmill Palm, native to China, is one of the hardiest palm trees and is found all over the world.  This palm is easy to cultivate and adapts to a multitude of climates from very cold to tropical environments.  The palm generally grows to a height of between 12 to 20 m with a [...]

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