Lagerstroemia indica – Pride of India – Crape Myrtle

This spectacular tree with its stunning flowers provides a focal point in any garden.  Originally from China and Korea, the Crape Myrtle is an upright, deciduous tree or large shrub of stature that can be single or multi-stemmed.  The tree is frost tolerant, prefers full sun and can grow to a height of 6 m [...]

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Prunus persica – Peach tree – Perskeboom

With summer in full swing we are taking a look at the lovely peach tree. Fruit is in abundance at this time of year and we all relish the taste of a fresh peach on a hot summer’s day. The peach tree falls into the genus Prunus, which includes cherry and plum, in the family [...]

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Myrciaria jabuticaba – Brazilian Grape Tree

Native to Brazil, the Jabuticaba is a large shrub or small evergreen tree that flourishes in our Highveld climate. The tree can be single or multi-stemmed and typically form a dense, rounded symmetrical crown. The Jabuticaba is a slow growing tree that can reach a height of +- 5 to 8 m and is often [...]

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Dracaena aletriformis – Large-leaved Dragon Tree – Grootblaardrakeboom

A happy, healthy, prosperous 2015 to all! We kick off the new year with the lovely Dracaena aletriformis which is one of our few indigenous plants that grows very well indoors. This is an evergreen, usually single stemmed tree that has large showy leaves that reach up to 1 m in length. The leaves are [...]

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