Antidesma venosum – Tasselberry – Voelsitboom

This evergreen to semi-deciduous shrub/tree is a very decorative, neat shade tree that is ideal to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. The Tasselberry generally grows to a height of 4 – 5m and has a dense rounded crown. Although the plant can be scrambling, it can be trained to have a [...]

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Cunonia capensis – Butterspoon tree – Red Alder – Rooiels

This fast growing, evergreen tree is a versatile shade tree with a fine wide crown. The small tree can grow to a height of 5 to 10 m and the thick stem normally remains unbranched for a good length. The young leaves emerge with a bronze colour that matures into a lovely glossy dark green. [...]

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Syagrus romanzoffiana – Queen Palm

The Queen palm or Cocus palm as it is also known, originates from South America and is a popular ornamental tree in the sub-tropical and tropical areas in South Africa. Syagrus romanzoffiana is a single trunk palm that can easily reach 15m in height or more. The trunk tends to be thick and fairly smooth [...]

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Chionanthus foveolata – Pock Ironwood – Pokysterhout

The Chionanthus foveolata is a medium sized, evergreen, indigenous tree that can withstand many adverse conditions. Related to the edible olive, the Pock Ironwood will grow well in full sun or semi-shade positions and is tolerant of frost, wind and drought. This tree can grow to a height of 5 to 8 m with a [...]

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