Acer buergerianum – Chinese maple – Chinese esdoring

The Chinese maple is an attractive, small, hardy tree that hails from eastern China.  Adaptable to urban environments, Acer buergerianum makes and excellent shade and autumn colour tree for parks and gardens. The tree has a slow to moderate growth rate and can reach a height of  5 m with a spread of approximately 3 [...]

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Ficus carica ‘White Genoa’

This week we are looking at the fig tree which was one of the first trees ever to be cultivated by humans. Thought to have originated from Western Asia, figs were at first distributed through the Mediterranean by man and then to the rest of the world. The White Genoa Fig has a moderate growth [...]

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Diospyros scabrida – Coastal bladdernut – Valsswartbas

The evergreen Diospyros scabrida is shrub or small tree, normally growing to a height of 2 – 3 m. Single or multi-stemmed, the bark is smooth with an ash white to dark grey colour. The Coastal bladdernut has a neat, compact growth habit and the dense, glossy dark-green foliage is one of its’ best features. [...]

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Rotheca (previously Clerodendrum) glabrum – Tinderwood – Tontelhout

The semi-deciduous to semi-evergreen Tinderwood, also known as ‘White Cat’s Whiskers’, is an indigenous tree to South Africa. Growing to a height of between 2 – 6 + m, the tree is known for its pungent leaves that can be crushed and used to repel bees when collecting honey! The tree has an attractive leafy, [...]

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