Juglans regia – Walnut – Okkerneut

Juglans regia is a large, deciduous tree that can attain heights of 25 – 35 m, with a trunk of up to 2 m in diameter. The tree typically has a short trunk and a broad crown with green foliage that changes to a striking yellow during autumn. The pinnate leaves are glossy green during summer [...]

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Ceiba speciosa – Silk floss tree – Kapokboom

Considered one of the most beautiful trees in the world, this Brazilian native thrives in South Africa. When in full bloom, this spectacular tree is hard to miss with its clouds of large, flimsy lily-like pink flowers cascading from the green branches. The flowers are produced from April to May, providing a burst of colour [...]

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Myrsine pillansii – Large Cape myrtle – Grootmirting

Myrsine pillansii is closely related to Myrsine africana and is similarly indigenous to South Africa. This rare species naturally occurs in low scrub or bush, or along streams at the margins of evergreen forest. Usually a much-branched shrub, and occasionally a small tree, the plant can grow up to 4 m in height. The bark [...]

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Combretum imberbe – Leadwood – Hardekool

The Combretum imberbe is a very tall, high-branching, majestic tree that grows very slowly. It is a long-lived tree (up to 1000 years) and even after it dies, the Leadwood stays impressive with its pale trunk and soaring branches. The wood is extremely hard and heavy and takes a long time to decay, making this [...]

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Zanthoxylum capense – Small knobwood – Kleinperdepram

Indigenous to South Africa, Zanthoxylum capense is a small to medium tree that has a wide range of applications. This is a wonderful specimen tree with glossy, dark green foliage and orangey red fruits during summer. In winter the decorative grey and knobbly stem draws attention and the typical bark identifies this tree throughout the [...]

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