Schrebera alata – Wild jasmine – Wildejasmyn

This small tree or scrambling shrub, native to South Africa, is also known as the Wing-leaved wooden pear.  Occurring naturally in the forest margins or bushveld of Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwa-Zulu Natal, it attains an average height of 5m with a spread of 4 m, but can grow up to 15 m high under [...]

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Portulacaria afra – Porkbush – Spekboom

With the heat of summer and extreme drought conditions over large parts of South Africa, we are focusing on hardy trees that will beautify your garden and cope with severe weather patterns. The porkbush is an attractive succulent plant which is densely branched and leaved.  The compact conformation of the plant makes it ideal for [...]

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Magnolia grandiflora – Southern Magnolia

Summer is upon us and the temperature has rocketed!  This week our focus is on the Magnolia grandiflora or Southern magnolia.  Originating from the southern parts of the United States, the exotic Magnolia can be grown in large containers or in larger gardens. This beautiful, rather slow growing, evergreen tree with its leathery leaves and [...]

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