Our Operations

  • Traditional practises are a natural test that prepares our trees equally for rugged environments or ornamental amenities
  • Over 300 species in cultivation of which 270 are native indigenous trees
  • Trees vary in height, initially from 2m to 3m, through 3m to 4m, reaching 4m to 5m and culminating in 5m to 7m
  • Up to 15 different container size intervals from 30L to +2400L
  • The containers are well spaced for radial crown development
  • Accurate measured specifications and recent photographs are available
  • A range of edible fruit and nut trees available, including pome, citrus, stone and sub-tropical fruits
  • Mature shrubs and palms form part of our offering
  • We keep less common and uncommon trees in addition to high demand common trees
  • Destination tree nursery supplying: Basic tree and hand-picked distinctive trees
  • Unique and one of a kind advanced and semi-mature trees
  • We further differentiate ourselves by keeping a wide mix of grassland biome trees
  • These are readily suitable for the coldest parts of the country
  • In-house tree cultivation quality management system
  • Biodynamic practices ‘of or relating to a system of farming that uses only organic materials for fertilizing and soil conditioning’
  • Growth-stage price parity continuum
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