This beautiful deciduous tree is one of the first to shoot in spring and is known for its feathery, bright green foliage.

The drooping leaves give the tree a soft feminine appearance and the irregular spreading crown allows enough light through for grass to grow in the shade.  The small to medium tree generally attains a height of between 5 – 8m, but can grow up to 14m tall.

Sweetly scented creamy white flower spikes appear from September to November and attract butterflies and bees alike.  The flowers look like fluffy caterpillars and form a stunning display against the fern-like foliage.  These are followed by straight brown seed pods which are a favourite snack for many antelope.

This low maintenance garden tree is very hardy and can tolerate frost, drought and fire.  It grows fairly quickly, but care should be taken when planting near paving or buildings as it has an aggressive root system. 

The Acacia is a striking feature tree in the garden and a popular bonsai subject.