The Scented pod Acacia, best known for its bead like pods, is a medium to large, semi-deciduous tree that will grow in most gardens.  The tree averages between 4 – 7 m in height and has a rounded, slightly flattened crown with a moderate density.  The foliage is feathery and a bright bottle green that contrasts beautifully with the blackish grey bark.  The young branches are smooth and grey to brown in colour and when mature, the tree has a rough, deeply grooved bark.

The tree flowers mainly from September to January, producing bright yellow, fluffy round flowers with a sweet scent.  Characteristic pods that look like a beaded necklace are fleshy when young with reddish hairs, maturing into blackish pods that have a sweet fragrance when crushed.

The Acacia nilotica is slightly frost tender, but very drought resistant.  The pods, leaves and shoots are browsed by a variety of wildlife.

This beautiful tree embodies an African theme and will make a great addition to any garden.