The Silky thorn is best known for its velvety leaves and attractive bark appeal.  The tree is medium sized, ideal for a smaller garden and can grow to a height of 5 – 8 m.

Hardy and drought resistant, the semi-deciduous Acacia has small, grey-geen, velvety leaves and the bark on a young stem is beautifully red.  The mature bark has dark brown, rough strips with a rusty red background.  The thorns or spines are long and straight, white in colour, with a reddish-brown tip.

From November to February white puffball flowers with a silvery sheen appear, grouped at the ends of the branches.  These are followed by clusters of beige, woody pods that persist on the tree.  The Silky thorn matures into a lovely flat-topped tree, reminiscent of the Paper Bark thorn.  This is a wonderful garden plant that will attract a host of wildlife.  It can be a focal point in your garden with its year round visual appeal.