Originating from Eastern China, the Acer buergerianum is an exotic tree that provides beautiful autumn colours.

The small, sturdy Chinese maple has an oval to rounded, slightly spreading formation.  This deciduous tree normally grows to a height of +- 7m with a spread of approximately 3m in South Africa.  The bark is pale brown and attractively dappled with a papery texture that flakes off.

The foliage of the tree is striking.  Spring growth emerges with a coppery-red colour and matures to a glossy dark green in summer.  During autumn the leaves display red, yellow and orange colours before dropping to the ground.  Flowering also take place during spring, but the blooms are inconspicuous.  The Chinese maple is fairly hardy and can tolerate heat and moderate drought conditions.

It must be noted that Acer buergerianum is a Category 3 invasive species in South Africa.  This means that the tree can remain in your garden, but must be controlled and cannot be sold or propagated.