The Chinese maple is an attractive, small, hardy tree that hails from eastern China.  Adaptable to urban environments, Acer buergerianum makes and excellent shade and autumn colour tree for parks and gardens.

The tree has a slow to moderate growth rate and can reach a height of  5 m with a spread of approximately 3 m.  While slender and upright in the early years, the Chinese maple spreads to a rounded habit as the tree matures.  It has an interesting, flaky bark that exfoliates on larger trunks with an attractive range of colours from grey to orangey-brown.

The foliage of the Chinese maple is striking.  Spring growth is coppery-red, maturing to glossy dark green in summer which gradually turns to red and orange in autumn.  The leaves are tri-lobed with a broad base and inconspicuous flowers are borne during late spring.

The deciduous Acer buergerianum is tolerant of a wide range of conditions including air pollution, semi-drought, poor soil conditions and frost.  This tree is a beautiful option as a street tree in limited urban spaces, and will provide year round interest with its vivid colour display.