The charming Acer palmatum is ideal for use in a small, inland garden.  Growing to a height of +- 5 m with a spread of +- 3m, the tree has a non-invasive root system and is known for its ornamental value.

Native to the East (Korea, Japan and China), the deciduous Japanese maple can withstand very cold conditions and needs average water to survive.  This tree has a beautiful rounded crown and dainty foliage which makes it a good specimen tree for a smaller garden.  During autumn, the leaves change from green to yellow, orange and red, providing a spectacular colour display.  The leaves are hand shaped and may have five, seven or nine finger lobes, depending on the specific cultivar.  Slow growing, the Japanese maple blooms during spring, but the flowers are small and inconspicuous.

The Acer palmatum provides year round interest with its changes in colour and interesting form.  In addition, the tree is excellent bonsai material.