The shape of the striking Albizia adianthifolia, indigenous to South Africa, typically calls to mind an African landscape.  With its straight trunk and branches that arch upwards and outwards, forming a large, flat crown, this tree provides welcome shade during the hot summer season.

The Flat crown albizia is a semi-deciduous tree that grows fast and can reach a height of 6 to 40 m under the right conditions.  The feathery foliage forms a flat, spreading layer at the top of the tree where the leaves grow on the ends of branchlets and twigs.  The bright green leaves have a delicate appearance and closely resemble the foliage of some Acacia species.  However, the Flat crown does not have any thorns.

In early summer, greenish white, pincushion-like flowers appear above the leaves and are followed by papery, pale-brown pods.  The pods form bumps over the seeds and hang in profusion from the branches well into summer.  When the tree is in bloom it attracts birds and butterflies and in the wild, elephants enjoy the foliage and twigs.

Slightly frost tender and moderately drought resistant, The Albizia adianthifolia is a beautiful ornamental specimen, especially for a large garden.