Aloe ferox is a tall, single stemmed aloe which normally grows to a height of 2 + m.  Occurring in a wide range of habitats, this aloe is easy to cultivate and does not have any special requirements.

The stem of the aloe is covered in old leaves that remain on the plant after it has dried and the crown is a dense rosette of dull green to reddish brown succulent leaves.  Each leaf can be up to 1 m long with dark, reddish brown spines along the leaf edge.  These spines may also be present on the surfaces of the leaves.

Flowering occurs during winter, from May to August, and the flowers are carried in a large spike-like head of numerous flowers.  The colour varies from yellow-orange to bright red and form a striking display during the dull winter months.  Birds and insects are attracted by the blooms and monkeys and baboons find the aloe nectar very tasty!

Known world-wide for its medicinal properties (especially with regards to natural colon cleansing) Aloe ferox is a beautiful specimen that will brighten your garden during winter.