Indigenous to South Africa, the Brachylaena transvaalensis is a medium to large tree that can naturally be found on the eastern escarpment of South Africa.

Growing to a height of 10 – 25 m, the tree is evergreen, although it can be deciduous at times, depending on the location.  The main stem is usually single and straight and the bark grey to light brown in colour.  The bark is smooth at first, but becomes vertically striated with age.

The beautiful foliage of the Brachylaena transvaalensis adds contrast to your garden.  The leaves are narrow with an elliptic shape, glossy dark-green above and silvery white below.  Pale white flowers appear from July to December and are carried in dense clusters or heads at the tips of branches.  In turn, the flower heads produce clusters of small dry fruits that are crowned with tufts of cream bristles from September to November.

This tree is very hardy and has a fast growth rate.  With its non-invasive root system, the Forest silver-oak is ideal for medium sized gardens.  Frost hardy and water wise, the upright tree will attract insects and birds and has screening properties to protect your privacy.