This week we are looking at the indigenous Buddleja auriculata or Weeping sage.  This small tree or dense shrub can grow to a height of 4 m with a spread of 2 – 4 m.  Low-branching with a graceful, weeping form, the tree is a must for any medium to large garden.

The evergreen Weeping sage is best known for its lovely strong fragrance that perfumes the air during winter when the flowers appear from July to September.  The tiny, tubular flowers are carried in sprays on the ends of the branches and can range in colour from cream to orange and even lilac.  These flowers attract butterflies and insects which in turn attract birds to your garden.  The attractive leaves are coloured a deep-green above and silver below.  The thick foliage also provides safe shelter for birds.  Fruit in the shape of a tiny, creamy brown capsule that splits at the tip appear from June to September.

Buddleja auriculata is frost and drought resistant and grows fast, making it ideal for Highveld conditions.  The tree can be used to form a screen or as informal hedging and looks beautiful when planted close to water.  With its beautiful fragrance, attractive flowers and foliage, the Weeping sage is a welcome addition in any garden.