The Calpurnia aurea is a multi-stemmed shrub or small, graceful tree with a light, open crown. The tree normally grows to a height of 2 – 4 m and is very fast growing.

The foliage of the Wild laburnum is a light green and has a soft, drooping nature.  Evergreen, the tree is best known for its beautiful golden-yellow flowers that usually bloom in mid-summer and keeps on flowering for a long time.  The flowers are showy and appear in hanging clusters, attracting birds and butterflies to the garden.  It is particularly attractive to the carpenter bee, who serves as a pollinator to the tree.  Easily raised from seed, the wild laburnum flowers at two years old and is easy to maintain, benefitting from light pruning.

Flowering is followed by fruition in the form of thin pods.  These pods dry soon, becoming light brownish in colour.  Fruit and flowers are often found on the tree at the same time.

Drought resistant and fairly frost hardy, the wild laburnum adapts to a variety of climates and is happy growing in full or partial sun.  Ideal for small gardens or even container planting, this stunning little tree is an asset to any garden with its soft foliage and striking flowers.