Native to the Himalayas, small potted specimens of Cedrus deodara are often used as Christmas trees in South African homes.  In nature, the cedar can reach a height of up to 24 m with a spread of approximately 10 m.  Suitable for large gardens, it also makes an ideal avenue tree or can act as a windbreak on farms.  The attractive cedar has needle-like leaves, arranged in rosettes on the shoots and the foliage has a silver-blue colour.  Evergreen, the Himalayan cedar is distinguished from other cedars by its drooping branches.  Flowers are inconspicuous and as with all cedars, cones are barrel shaped and stay on the tree for up to a year.

The Cedrus deodara is drought resistant once established, frost hardy and thrives in wind-free areas. A living alternative to a shop bought Christmas tree, it must be kept in mind that the Cedrus is a fast grower that requires a large space to flourish.