Native to Europe, Chamaerops humilis grows best in Mediterranean climates where winters are cool and summers hot and dry.  Tough and undemanding, this palm grows to a height of 3 m and has large, fan-shaped fronds which are usually split at the ends.

Known as a very variable species, the Mediterranean Fan Palm can range from a dwarf, ground-hugging, multi-stemmed suckering shrub to a tall, single trunked plant with drooping, large leaves.   The colour of the foliage is also varied and can be dark, grey-green to bright green.  In general, the tree develops multiple stems as it matures and has a tendency to form suckers along the stems which makes it appear very shrubby.

Chamaerops humilis is a hardy palm that can withstand cold and is tolerant of dry and windy conditions.  Although it has a fairly slow growth rate, the tree requires very little maintenance and can be used successfully in a container.  In addition, this rustic palm can act as a barrier since the leaf stalks are spiny.