The Chionanthus foveolata is a medium sized, evergreen, indigenous tree that can withstand many adverse conditions. Related to the edible olive, the Pock Ironwood will grow well in full sun or semi-shade positions and is tolerant of frost, wind and drought.

This tree can grow to a height of 5 to 8 m with a spread of approximately 5 m and has a compact growth configuration with its slender trunk and bushy crown. The bark is light to dark-grey, with scattered corky spots when the tree is young. From September to December, the Pock Ironwood produces white to cream, sometimes pink tinged flowers in small sprays from the leaf axils. The sweet fragrance of the flowers attracts bees and insects alike while the fleshy, ovoid fruit entices many bird species. The fruit is produced from November to July and changes from green to purplish-black when ripe. The leaves are simple, opposite and glossy dark-green on top. The underside of the leaf is a paler green and small pits in the axils of the veins show as bumps on the surface.

The Pock Ironwood is a hardy, ornamental tree that is ideal for smaller gardens where space is limited. This low maintenance tree has a non-invasive root system and will provide interest throughout the year.