Brighten up your winter garden by planting a lemon tree!

In many parts of South Africa, lemon trees bear fruit year round.  One of the most popular and well known varieties is the ‘Eureka’ lemon tree.  These evergreen trees have lush green foliage and sweet scented blossoms.  The fruit is smooth skinned and rich in Vitamin C, a good defense against those nasty winter colds.

Lemon trees are easy to grow in the garden and in containers.  These trees tolerate moderate frost only and as such are better off planted against a north- or west-facing wall in Gauteng.  The wall protects the tree and at night will reflect heat.  The lemon tree can attain a height of +- 5 m with a spread of 2 – 4 m and thrives in well drained, compost enriched soil.  Watered regularly and especially once blossoms and fruit appear, the tree is a joy in any garden.

There is nothing better than using fresh lemons from your garden to enhance your cooking and bring sunshine to your table.