An ideal specimen tree for your indigenous, small garden, The Horsewood is often shunned as the crushed leaves have a strong, aniseed-like scent which could be considered by some as unpleasant.  However, the leaves can be used as a substitute for curry leaves in your dishes!

The small, evergreen to semi-deciduous tree grows to a height of 3 to 5 m and appears quite spindly when young.  As it matures, the Horsewood has a lovely rounded shape with compound, glossy foliage that droops slightly.

Sprays of attractive, creamy white to yellow flowers are produced from May to August attracting insects and butterflies to the garden.  Small fruits follow, maturing from pinkish-red to black which in turn is favoured by many bird species.

The hardy Clausena anisata has a non-aggressive root system and can be planted in sun or semi-shade positions.  It is fairly fast growing and can tolerate frost and drought conditions with ease.

The tree is a host plant to various Swallowtail butterflies and has various magical and medicinal properties, according to folklore. The tree is well suited to townhouse gardens and can be planted close to buildings or paved areas.