The River bushwillow is a fast growing, deciduous tree that will grow to a height of 5 – 12 m and has a lovely spreading crown that can reach a diameter of 9 – 10 m.  A striking feature of this tree is the foliage.  The leaves emerge during spring with a soft green colour, maturing to a darker green and exploding into yellow, orange and red hues during autumn, giving definition to seasons in your garden.  Flowers appear shortly after the first green leaves and resemble creamy coloured puffballs.  The fruits are four winged and light greenish to brownish pink in colour.  Young fruits dry to a honey brown on the tree and will remain until the next flowering season.  The River bushwillow is frost resistant and can withstand very cold conditions, making it an ideal Highveld tree.  This tree is a lovely shade tree that can be grown on a lawn as a feature tree or planted next to pavements or driveways as it is not likely to disturb the paving.