Search System

  • An hour appointment with our tree specialist will assist you to select the right tree
  • Once you have chosen your tree, it is reserved exclusively for you, pending delivery and installation
  • Guidelines to consider when making a tree purchase

Sun Trees Distinctive Value

  • Our containerised trees are readily portable which enables a sizable tree to be planted in challenging places
  • We deliver a value-laden graded tree that has been assessed for enhanced measured quality
  • Proper tree wholeness is reached by tending the below ground root development equally to the above ground extension
  • Slower natural cultivation and exposure to the rigors of climate assures a resilient sturdy tree
  • Our older more weathered trees offer a rich bark complexion which is desirable and most attractive
  • Cultivation in blended fertile soil is the key to crucial tree ballast which promotes rapid re-establishment
  • Our intrabag and interbag processes accommodates all budgets with growth stage pricing

Cultivation practices

  • Our trees are naturally raised which is a bio-dynamic practice. This relates to a system of farming that uses only organic materials for fertilising and soil conditioning
  • Our growth-stage price parity continuum enables our client to acquire trees that meet his/her size and budget needs

Authentic Trees Defined

  • Naturally raised
  • Better developed with sturdy conformation
  • Comply with rigorous in-house measured standards
  • In a healthy condition
  • Have an expressive nature – manifest a peculiar identity
  • Acclimatised in select fertile soils that enables good nutrient uptake with a better immune system
  • Rugged and toughened by extended exposure to the elements with more bounce back reserves