This fast growing, evergreen tree is a versatile shade tree with a fine wide crown. The small tree can grow to a height of 5 to 10 m and the thick stem normally remains unbranched for a good length. The young leaves emerge with a bronze colour that matures into a lovely glossy dark green. The Butterspoon tree is named for the characteristic large, spoon shaped stipules that enclose the yellow and red growing points of the plant.

The indigenous Cunonia capensis is a beautiful autumn flowering tree. Large, bottle brush like flowers appear when most plants have finished flowering and the sweet scent of the blooms attracts insects and butterflies to your garden. The Red Alder is equally suitable for a large garden as a specimen shade tree, or in a small garden where its’ non-invasive root system makes it possible to plant next to structures or paving. This tree will also grow happily in a large pot on your patio, showing off its’ striking foliage all year round. Cunonia capensis prefers a temperate climate that is neither too dry nor too cold and with adequate amounts of water. Although it can withstand light frost, the tree does not do well under very hot and dry conditions.   Naturally, the Red Alder occurs in moist areas and will look stunning when used to enhance a water feature.