The Euclea natalensis or Natal Guarri as it is more commonly known, can be found in found in a variety of habitats which makes it a versatile tree in to be used in different landscapes.  The evergreen tree typically grows to a height of 4 – 7 m and has a spreading crown with slightly drooping branches.  The bark is thin, dark grey in colour and finely cracked providing an interesting texture.  The leaves are a glossy, dark green on top and the underside is pale green, densely covered by rust coloured, woolly hairs.  During spring the new growth is very decorative, with pale, gold tinged, velvety foliage emerging from the dark green crown.  Small, sweetly scented, green white flowers appear from June to October and fruit appear from August to March, enticing birds and wildlife to the garden.

The Natal Guarri can withstand moderate drought and frost.  It is an ideal specimen for use singly, or as a cluster in a landscape which calls for a woodland or forest feel.