The Wild Pride of India is a fast growing, evergreen, decorative tree that can be successfully pruned or trained into a hedge form.  The crooked stem with low lying branches form a natural barrier and the glossy dark leaves are wavy and wax-like.

Growing to a height of 6 m, the tree has a small non-aggressive root system which means that it can be planted relatively close to walls or paved areas to form a dense block out screen.  The bark is smooth and pale when young, but breaks into blocks when older to offer a rough texture.  In spring the old leaves of the tree turn bright red before falling and new leaves with a coppery tint emerge.  This ensures a spring colour festival, from deep crimson to bright new green.

The tree produces trusses of creamy white flowers in summer and masses of red berries during autumn, attracting birds and butterflies.  The fruit and flowers lend itself to floral design applications.  The Wild Pride of India is light frost resistant, but can withstand long periods of drought.  This popular tree will ensure year round interest in the garden with its array of changing colours.