The lesser known Grewia lasiocarpa is close family to the Grewia occidentalis (Crossberry) and is similar with regards to flowers, growth form and size.

Main differences:

Grewia lasiocarpa Grewia occidentalis
Flowers from January to March Flowers from October to January
Leaves almost circular and hairy Leaves slightly rounded, hairless
Fruit reddish and furry Fruit smooth and glossy


Characteristics of Forest Raisin

  • fast-growing, large evergreen shrub or small tree,  indigenous to South Africa
  • height of 3 – 5 m with a scrambling nature if given the opportunity
  • large, pale pinkish flowers creating a decorative display during summer
  • edible fruit, attracting birds and wildlife well into winter
  • not fussy about soil type and drought hardy once established
  • ideal screening or informal hedging plant

The Grewia lasiocarpa can be difficult to source, but it is well worth the effort as it adds colour and texture to your garden.

PS.  We have specimens available at our nursery!