As the cold sets in and drab winter colours are all around, we are already looking forward to the colours of spring.

The Natal Bottlebrush is a lovely, deciduous tree that grabs your attention with its vibrant flowers.

  • A neat, compact tree that grows to a height of approximately 3m in the garden.
  • Bright red, satiny flowers start blooming towards the end of winter, luring insects and birds.
  • Flowers appear as tightly packed, bottle brush like racemes at the end of the branches.
  • Thick, rubbery leaves are bright green and darken with age.
  • Foliage changes to various shades of rust and red in late autumn, before dropping to the ground.
  • Hardy tree that can survive cold winters in Gauteng, and is also fairly drought resistant.
  • Year round interest with changing colours and textures.

The Greyia sutherlandii can be a stunning focal point in your garden, and can also be utilised in large pots in shopping centres to provide splashes of colour.