Today we are looking at the exotic tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, originally from the Americas.

These large, deciduous trees are part of the magnolia family and are typically known for their large flowers that resemble tulips.

Liriodendron trees prefer a temperate climate, sun or part shade, and deep, fertile, well drained soil.  Growing up to 35m tall, these giants have straight trunks and an irregular shaped crown.  The leaves are large and distinct in shape with the apex cut off, making it look as if it has been bitten off.  The colour is bright green and turns to a bright yellow during autumn, before dropping off.

The flowers of the Tuliptree bloom during spring and can vary from white to green in colour.   This exotic tree will certainly add splendour to your garden, but be prepared as it is a very large specimen that will need lots of space.