Evergreen, with a tidy growth habit, the Tarwood can grow to a height of 6 – 8 m with a spread of 3 – 4 m.  It is a moderate to fast growing tree, indigenous to South Africa.  Best known for its beautiful sprays of white flowers that appear from November to February, the tree can create an eye catching focal point in any landscape.  Male and female flowers are borne on separate trees and the female blooms have a slight green tinge, changing to pink or red when developing fruit.  Aside from being showy, the Tarwood attracts insects, butterflies and birds alike to the garden.

Although the tree is very ornamental, it is able to withstand harsh growing conditions, making it an ideal, low maintenance plant.  The Tarwood is waterwise, can tolerate some frost once established, and is able to withstand strong winds, making it a favourite choice for coastal areas.  The roots of the tree are non-invasive and it can be planted successfully in more confined areas.

With its changing colours and general hardiness, the functional Tarwood can act as an attractive windbreak, screen or shade tree.