Mimusops zeyheri is a semi-hardy, evergreen tree that attracts butterflies and birds to the garden with its flowers and fruit.

The tree can range from a low-branching shrub, reaching a height of 2 m, to a tall tree with a wide, dense, rounded crown that can reach a height of 15 m, depending on the habitat.  Ideally suited to summer rainfall areas that have little or no frost in winter, the Transvaal red milkwood is found in the northern provinces of South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland, extending northwards to tropical Africa.

The dark, glossy foliage is very attractive and young leaves are rust-coloured with a velvety under surface.  Small, sweetly scented white flowers are borne from October to February, followed by oval fruits.  These ripen to a bright yellow-orange colour and are favoured by many bird species.  The fruit contains a high level of Vitamin C and is sweet in flavour.

Mimusops zeyheri has a fairly compact root system and is drought hardy.  Once mature, the tree is able to withstand mild frost conditions, but it is tender when young.  The tree has the potential to be a lovely shade provider in a large garden, but can also be utilized as a container plant and is a suitable bonsai subject.