The multi-stemmed, evergreen Transvaal Kooboo berry can grow to a height of 12 m and is native to South Africa.

This small to medium tree has thick, rounded leaves, fragrant flowers and edible fruit that turn bright red when ripe.  Tiny white-green flowers are carried from early spring to late summer and are borne in clusters on leaf axils.  From November small, fleshy fruits appear that ripen from late autumn to early winter and the brilliant colour of the fruits are very attractive.

The Kooboo berry is a versatile tree that responds well to pruning, regular watering and feeding.  It does well as a container plant and can be planted in the garden in groups or as a solitary specimen.  Drought hardy, the tree is tolerant of light frost and suitable for outdoor areas anywhere in the country.  This beautiful specimen tree will act as a focal point throughout the year.