Nuxia congesta, also known as the Brittlewood, is a small, evergreen tree or shrub with attractive, bright green leaves.  Native to South Africa, the tree is best known for its flowers that bloom during autumn and winter from March to July.

Quick growing, the tree is multi-trunked with crooked stems and grows to a height of 3 to 8 m or higher.  The pale grey-brown to dark brown bark is fissured and peels in longitudinal strips on larger branches.  Dense heads of small, white flowers appear long after the first flower-buds are visible.  The blooms are sweet-scented and appear at the ends of the twigs.  The star shaped, delicate flowers are tinged with mauve and attract bees and insects to the garden.

These trees are fairly hardy and grow happily in sun or shade.  Nuxia congesta flourishes in a climate with warm summers and moderate to good rainfall.  Ideal for a smaller garden, the tree is an excellent focal plant that is easy to maintain.