The Forest elder is a decorative, evergreen specimen tree, indigenous to South Africa.  Sweetly scented, creamy-white flower clusters are borne from May to September, attracting a myriad of birds and insects.  Sprays of flowers are 25 – 30cm long and appear at the ends of branchlets forming a mass of attractive blooms from autumn to spring.

The leaves of the Nuxia floribunda are shiny, light green and hang gracefully, trembling in the slightest breeze.  Fruit appears from June to October takes the form of a creamy, brown ovoid that split into 4 lobes when ripe.

This small to medium-sized tree, usually 3 to 10 m tall, is fairly sensitive to frost and drought.  Nuxia floribunda has a lovely dense, rounded crown which contributes greatly to the visual appeal of the species.  With its non-invasive root system and lacy flowers, the Forest elder is becoming increasingly popular as a good garden specimen.