The semi-deciduous to semi-evergreen Tinderwood, also known as ‘White Cat’s Whiskers’, is an indigenous tree to South Africa. Growing to a height of between 2 – 6 + m, the tree is known for its pungent leaves that can be crushed and used to repel bees when collecting honey!

The tree has an attractive leafy, drooping crown and the multi- or single stem is low branching. With its’ non-invasive root system, this versatile, small tree can be planted close to walls or pavements and adapts well to trimming to form a living hedge. Small, creamy pink flowers are produced in clusters from December to June, attracting insects and specifically butterflies with their sweet scent. Clusters of berries mature from green to creamy white, attracting birds from February to July.

The Tinderwood is a hardy fast grower that can tolerate heat, drought and windy conditions. Frost resistant and water wise, this tree is suitable for smaller or informal gardens and it will also thrive in coastal areas.