Indigenous to South Africa, Rothmannia globosa is a small, evergreen tree that adds colour and fragrance to your garden.

Growing to a height of +- 5m, it has a tidy, upright growth form and glossy, green foliage.  Aptly named, September bells bears masses of large, sweetly scented blooms during spring.  The flowers are bell-shaped, creamy-white in colour and the fragrance attracts bees and insects to the garden.  The scent is pervasive after sunset, adding another dimension to the senses.

The fruit of the tree is round and green, becoming brown and hard as it matures from January onwards.  Rothmannia globosa is a fairly fast grower, especially in warmer climates and can tolerate mild frost.  It would be advisable to protect the tree from cold when young.

September bells is an ideal tree for a smaller or townhouse garden and will also do well in a container.  This ornamental tree is low maintenance and the pretty flowers and delicate perfume will enhance any garden.