The Dune crow-berry is a very hardy, evergreen shrub which is suited to low maintenance areas and is ideal as a hedging plant.

Growing up to 2.5 m tall and spreading up to 4 m, this indigenous plant is wind and drought resistant and is a good water wise option in coastal areas.  The Dune crow-berry is quick growing and can reach wind break or barrier plant height within three years.

The attractive foliage consists of small, scalloped leaves that cast a striking image as the brick-red new leaves stand out against the green of the older leaves.  Small, insignificant flowers are borne during autumn.  The blooms are followed by yellow, green fruits that mature to blue/black berries that resemble raisins.  Birds are especially attracted to these treats!  Only female plants produce these fruits and a male plant must be present to ensure fruiting.

The Searsia crenata grows well on sandy dune soils and is a good sand binder.  It can be pruned to form an attractive and effective barrier and does well as a bonsai subject.  The Dune crow-berry is often used as a pioneer plant where vegetation is being re-established.