A tree Architect’s Functions

  • Specifies suitable trees for all situations

  • Has a deep knowledge and intellectual understanding of the myriad of intricacies that trees present
  • Is well read in the theoretical disciplines with practical implementation techniques
  • Has a natural ability and manner of addressing the transformation of environments
  • Has an aptitude to integrate research, planting, design, growth requirements and vision
  • Has a gripping affection for the spirit and the wisdom of trees

  • Is an accomplished artist, artisan and architect who affectionately works with trees
  • Can create shared value
  • Finds a way to better the tapestry of spaces
  • Partners and interacts to create the realisation of arboreal environments
Barry Gush

Barry Gush – Consulting Tree Architect

Barry Gush, an authority on trees, can meet with you by appointment.

Your Consulting Tree Architect

  • Has nearly 30 years’ experience in tree cultivation
  • Practices the art and craft of tree planting
  • Advocates holistic tree stewardship
  • Has good tree science knowledge
  • Has intuitive tree planting talent, vision and commitment
  • Has developed a tree classing system that differentiates intrinsic value
  • Promotes a ‘size index’ tree pledge – a numerical expression of the product’s height (m) and diameter (mm)

Tree architecture processes