The Japanese Pagoda Tree is very well suited to South Africa as a late flowering, ornamental tree that adapts well to an urban environment.

  • Native to Eastern Asia (in particularly China, despite the name), this showy tree is deciduous and can grow to a height of 10 – 15 m.  The tree has a rounded shape and its spread equals its height, showing a well balanced form.
  • The leaves mature from bright to dark green and are lustrous, providing light shade.
  • The light grey-brown bark is furrowed and has an interesting, rough texture.
  • Pale yellow to creamy white flowers bloom in late summer and into the winter when other flowering trees have long finished flowering.  The blooms hang in long clusters and are slightly fragrant.
  • The flowers are followed by large bean like pods that change from green to yellow and brown.
  • The tree grows moderately fast and is resistant to frost.
  • The Japanese Pagoda tree adapts particularly well to urban conditions as it is tolerant to pollution and enjoys full sun.  Ideal uses for this tree would be as a street tree or a park/lawn tree.

The beauty of this ornamental species lies not just in the flowers, but also in the light shade it provides which enables the growth of turf underneath it.