Species Available

  • Over 300 species in cultivation of which 270 are native indigenous trees

Range Offering

Please note our species table includes:

  • A range of edible fruit and nut trees available, including pome, citrus, stone and sub-tropical fruit varieties
  • Mature shrubs, palms and a wide mix of grassland biome trees
  • Aloes, conifers, cycads and flowering trees
  • Majority of our trees are suitable for the coldest parts of the country

Staple Trees

We have a special focus on staple trees that have made themselves at home on the Highveld

  • Acacia Galpinii (Monkeythorn – Apiesdoring) – Your thorny big five champion
  • Acacia Sieberiana var woodii (Paperback thorn – Papierbasdoring) – Bushveld experience at home
  • Acacia Xanthophloea (Fever tree – Koorsboom) – A sensation with elegance
  • Celtis Africana (White stinkwood – Witstinkhout) – Stately year round winner
  • Combretum erythrophyllum (River bush willow – Vaderlandswilg) – Versatile prized and proven
  • Olea Africana (Wild olive – Olienhout) – Generalist of note
  • Searcia lancea (Karee) – Rugged adaptable diehard

Type of tree

  • Bonsai stock, multi-stemmed trees and trees suitable for pots
  • Unique one-of-a-kind specimen trees
  • Ex-ground trees
  • Peculiar trees
  • Clipped and trained stock
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