Spring has sprung and we are well on our way to summer.  With this in mind, we are taking a look at some of our flowering ornamental trees that we have available.

The Prunus kanzan is a flowering cherry cultivar which is very popular in South Africa.  This deciduous tree grows to a height of 8 – 12 m and has a spread of approximately 8 m.  The tree does not produce fruit, but is known for its large double, deep pink blooms during spring.  The new foliage is bronze in colour and turns to dark green during summer.  In autumn, the leaves turn bronzy orange before falling off.

The Malus floribunda or Japanese flowering crabapple has attractive, fragrant pink blooms that entice bees and birds to your garden.  This is a fairly hardy tree that is popular as a flowering lawn or street tree.  In spring these trees are covered in a profusion of blossoms that turn into bright fruits in summer.