Versatile and hardy, Tecoma capensis is indigenous to South Africa and perfectly suited to our rugged climate.  Fast growing with a scrambling form, Cape honeysuckle may grow up to 2 – 3 m tall and has a spread of approximately 2.5 m.  In warmer areas the shrub is evergreen, but it can lose its leaves in colder locations.

Multiple branches with shiny green leaves give the plant and untidy appearance, but also provide ideal nesting spots for birds.   An added attraction is the clusters of tubular flowers that appear at the ends of branches and entice birds and butterflies to the garden.  The flowers are bold orange in colour and a number of cultivars have developed colours ranging from yellow to red.  Flowering time is fairly erratic.  In general, Cape honeysuckle will bloom from autumn to spring, but can flower all year round.

Drought hardy, the shrub will tolerate poor soil conditions, heat, wind and coastal conditions.  It is however sensitive to frost and should be protected accordingly.  Ideal as an ornamental screening or hedge plant, Tecoma capensis can be pruned to form a tidier shape.  It will bring colour and birdlife to your garden.