Founded in 1987, Sun Trees believes it can deliver superior plantings through artistic ingenuity, rigorous research and conscientious application

  • We have two nurseries in Gauteng situated in Randburg and Krugersdorp You can choose from more than 300 tree species of which 270 are native indigenous trees
  • By commissioning us as tree architects, we would fully integrate our arbour dynamic difference into your tree project
  • We realize our purpose by analysing, planning, designing and envisaging the holistic enhancement of natural and built environments

We are suppliers of mature, advanced, large, shady, deciduous, flowering and evergreen trees

Our Client Focus

We supply product and provide services to:

  • Homeowners
  • Landscape gardeners/designers
  • Land / Property developers
  • Park and recreation departments
  • Agro- and eco-tourist projects
  • Corporate and commercial developments
  • Open parking areas

The Sun Trees Advantage

Our purpose is to create compound lasting worth as a tree supplier and a tree service provider for our customers.


Cultivating sizeable trees

  • Authentic trees
  • Over 300 species
  • Good range of trees
  • Numerous size options
  • Resilient and robust trees
  • Naturally cultivated
  • One of a kind trees


Working with trees

  • In-house advice
  • plantedFORyou
  • Tree architecture
  • Relocation
  • Specialised support
  • Tree craftsmen that are committed


Creating arboreal communities

  • Cost-effective value
  • Realize customer vision
  • Sizeable trees on hand
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Growth requirement analysis
  • End-to-end inspiration
  • Therapeutic tree experience
Barry Gush

Barry Gush – Consulting Tree Architect

Barry Gush, an authority on trees, can meet with you by appointment.

About your Sun Trees Architect

  • Has nearly 30 years’ experience in tree cultivation
  • Practices the art and craft of tree planting
  • Advocates holistic tree stewardship
  • Has good tree science knowledge
  • Has intuitive tree planting talent, vision and commitment
  • Has developed a tree classing system that differentiates intrinsic value
  • Promotes a ‘size index’ tree pledge – a numerical expression of the product’s height (m) and diameter (mm)