The attractive, evergreen White ironwood is a delightful large shrub or small tree.  The tree reaches a height of 4 – 6 m, but can grow up to 20 m in deep forests.  It has a neat growth habit and a dense crown with shiny green foliage.

The leaves are trifoliate and leathery, and the margins of the leaflets are distinctly wavy.  Both the leaves and fruit are covered with gland dots which release a lemony fragrance when crushed.  From December to March tiny, yellowish flowers appear in sprays that attract butterflies, especially the Citrus Swallowtail butterfly.  These are followed by small, green fruits that turn black when ripe.  The fruits are favoured by birds.

The White ironwood has smooth, whitish grey bark and is a moderately fast grower.  This indigenous tree is fairly drought resistant, once established and will tolerate light frost.  Ideal for a small or medium garden, the tree has a non-aggressive root system.  The White ironwood is very versatile and can be trimmed into shapes, planted in a container or utilised as a screening tree.